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rep.07|Liam Young of Tomorrows Thoughts Today「Specimens of Unnatural History」
2011.4.8 - 2011.5.8 thursday- sunday 13:00 - 20:00 (GW期間の5/2,3,4は休廊)
OPENING RECEPTION(MiniLecture + party)4.9:17:00 -



京都河原町三条に位置するオルタナティヴラボ「radlab.」を拠点とする建築ギャラリープロジェクト「rep - radlab. exhibition project」では、2011年4月8日よりLiam Youngによる展覧会「Specimens of Unnatural History」を行います。Liam Youngは、デザイナーとして、そしてシンクタンク「Tomorrow Thoughts Today」主宰として、これまで空想的で風変わりな建築やアーバニズムの重要性を思考してきました。今回の展示は、私たちの「自然」に対する目線を、それが生み出すこととなったものを通して問いなおそうとする試みです。


 リアム・ヤング (Tomorrow's Thoughts Today)





 A Near Future Bestiary.

 By Liam Young (Tomorrow's Thoughts Today)

The sun is setting on our idealistic and preservationist views of the natural world. The slow burn of evolutionary change, its endless generations, duplicating and multiplying with gradual mutation and variation is coming to an end. Now, as we stalk the strange and unfamiliar landscapes of robotics, bio technology and ubiquitous computing we are beginning to encounter a new form of engineered nature that we are not yet able to categorise.

Throughout history we have always invented monsters and myths as our way of coming to terms with phenomena we don't quite understand. They are fictional tales of the natural world but at the same time they can be understood as a chronicle of the dreams and anxieties of the everyday. 'Specimens of Unnatural History' is a near future bestiary of designed and augmented 'monsters' that explores these emerging technologies and presents new myths as a way of coming to terms with this strange new world. In these stuffed and mounted specimens we see a jump in the fossil record, an evolutionary leap, as the interbreeding of biology and technology gives birth to a collection of architectural beasts, robotic infrastructures, and hacked military devices.

The radlab. will be converted into the haunted forests of Unnatural History to be inhabited by this near future population of our augmented wilderness. Amongst the trees we will encounter a network of mechanical creatures that have been designed to be introduced into the Galapagos Islands to hunt and kill invasive species, a suicide robot that prowls the forests at the foot of Mt Fuji, and a signal jamming flock of autonomous drones that cast an electronic shadow across the neon streets of Tokyo. Here we lie in wait, where the wild things are, as these early specimens breed and multiply, to inhabit the landscapes of a day soon to come.



augmented ferret

electric aurora specimen




Liam Young(Tomorrow's Thoughts Today)
リアム・ヤング。インディペンデント・アーバニスト、未来学者、デザイナー、キュレーター。2010年『ブループリント』誌「建築とデザインを変える25人」の一人に数えられている。空想的で一風変わった、しかしそれがためにあまり評価されていない建築やアーバニズムの重要性を探究する未来シンクタンク「Tomorrow's Thoughts Today」創設者。新たに生まれつつある生態学的、技術的未来の社会的、建築的、そして政治的帰結としてある近未来のフィクショナルなシナリオを展開するプロジェクトを行い、「Arup - Drivers for Change」、「Microsoft Research」そして「Nokia」といった企業のための投機、振興技術、そして未来予測に関するワークショップを実施している。






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